Workout, Stay Fit and Healthy Hair 

Many women struggle with this, particularly black women. Some black women feel forced to choose between working out and having great hair. I am here to tell you that you can do both. That is right: you can work out and have great hair! Some of the challenges that women go through as they try to do both is their hair tends to feel dry, look frizzy, and lack luster; the number one complaint is loss of style retention. A good cardio workout causes our body to overheat and sweat. You know what sweating does to a hairstyle-- it causes the style to flop. So often I hear from black women, "My hair won't hold a style, and my scalp itches." But, have you ever thought about why your hair won't hold a style and why your scalp itches? Or, more important, have you ever thought about the negative things sweat does to your hair and scalp…


Have you ever noticed how you feel after sweat dries on your body? You tend to feel sticky and dirty, and you can hardly wait to take a shower. Your hair and scalp go through similar changes when you work out. If you work out and shower but don't shampoo your hair, your sweat will cause your hair and scalp to become dehydrated and polluted. After working out, even after a heavy cardiovascular session, many women will wait until their "regular shampoo day" to shampoo their hair. Some women will even have several workout sessions before shampooing their hair. The dry and dirty environment that you allow your hair and scalp to stay in will age your hair and scalp. Let's start with what happens to the scalp.


Remember that the scalp is skin, and just like the skin on your face you must clean it on a regular basis each time you work out or you will develop a build-up in the pores. You have heard experts warn you about going to bed without cleaning away your makeup, because it can cause aging damage to your face. Well, your scalp has pores and follicles that must stay clear and clean in order to keep a healthy environment for healthy hair growth and to inhibit an itchy scalp, or scalp disorders. When you sweat, your hair becomes dehydrated and brittle causing aging damage, which can shorten the life of the strands


Points to Remember

  • Avoid conditioning shampoos, because they will add buildup.

  • Use a non-sulfate clarifying shampoo with a pH range between 4.5 and 5.5.

  • Then use a professional moisturizing conditioner

  • Rinse with a strong water force.

  • You can enjoy your workouts and have great hair. Just remember to care for your hair and scalp's fitness as you care for your body's fitness.