Natural Hair

Natural hair requires "care steps" to be taken in order to manage the spiral tresses.

  1. You must cleanse and use a clarifying shampoo and stabilize with a protein and moisturizing conditioner, at least weekly, so that your scalp won't be prone to disorders and your hair won't become polluted.

  2. You must moisturize your natural hair each day in order to prevent a dehydrated hair and scalp.

  3. You must groom your natural hair each day so that your natural hair will not web together or matt, even if you have locks or twist styles.


Pressed/ Flat Ironed Hair

  1. Only use heated tools on clean and conditioned hair.

  2. Always use a moisturizer when straightening your kinky hair.

  3. Always monitor the heated tool 300-400 degrees,(some tresses require more heat)

  4. Oil your hair and scalp, as needed, in order to seal in moisture.